Sunday, June 15, 2008

Instant Pussy - Numero Dos

The recently reborn Instant Pussy has released its 2nd
issue, with poetic contributions from the following folks:

Thamyris Jones
w.alt burns
Amanda Boschetto
David McLean
Craig Sernotti
Matt Finney
Jack T. Marlowe (3 poems)

Andrew Taylor
Kristi Swadley
Juliet Cook
Amelie Florence
Dylan Macturk
Puma Perl
Leigh "Bruiser" Pierce

You can order a copy in print or get a free pdf
download (in color or b&w) at:

Instant Pussy numero dos


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Yellow Mama - June 2008 issue now online

One of Jack's poems can be found in the
June issue (#8) of Yellow Mama.

Go know you wanna read it!


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The June 2008 issue of My Favorite Bullet includes writing by:

Justin Hyde, Chris Middleman, Ashley Nuzzi, Michael D. Grover,
John Sweet, Steve Brightman, Carl Miller Daniels, James Babbs,
Jack T. Marlowe, Kurt Remington, William Taylor Jr., Mike Whalen,
Michael Frissore, Andi Kato, Eddie Kilowatt, Gerard Sarnat, Ross
Vassilev, Maurice Oliver, Daniel S. Irwin, David LaBounty, John A.
Grochalski, and Jason Floyd Williams.

You can read it HERE.

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