Friday, January 28, 2005


The brain-damaged were coming out of the woodwork today.
Here's a couple of gems from Friday's whack basket:


Me: Do you have a contact number that we can call
you at during the daytime?

Customer: Yes.

(long silence)

Me: Um...

Customer: Do you want the number?

Me: (thinking) No, moron! I just asked because I'm
collecting census data on people who have daytime
contact phone numbers.

Me: (speaking) Yes, please.


Me: What's the name of your street?

Customer: I don't live on a street.

Me: (thinking) Oh, sweet Jesus!

Me: (speaking) What is your physical address?

Customer: 1550 Highway 70 North.

Me: Highway 70 North IS your street!

Me: (thinking) Idiot!


And that's just a sample of what my day was like.
I can't wait until next week!